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Application Overview:
Adobe Acrobat Professional

Adobe Acrobat Professional software delivers advanced tools for creating, collaborating with, and controlling the output of high-quality Adobe PDF files, as well as distributing them online. A de facto standard among design, web, and print professionals, Adobe PDF preserves design work in a compact, self-contained form that's easy to share, e-mail, review, manage, post online, archive, and reliably output.

Note: If you will be using Acrobat 9 Standard or previous versions such as Acrobat 8 Professional or Standard and Acrobat 7 Professional or Standard instead of Acrobat 9 Pro, please contact DPA to obtain more information to insure DPA Adobe Acrobat training will fulfill your goals.

Users: Creative, Engineering, Finance, IT, Legal, Marketing and Admin Professionals as well as anyone who needs reliable electronic versions of their documents.

Adobe Training

Adobe Acrobat Pro X (CS6)

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Course Information

Duration: One-Day Course
Platform: Windows and Macintosh
Fee: Call for information

We recommend limiting this course
to eight people.

Course Overview

In this course you will learn how to extract and convert content to Microsoft Word and Excel, create custom job option settings, review preference settings, add rich media and interactivity with buttons, edit images, graphics and text, compare the differences between two PDF versions, create a digital id, automate repetitive tasks using batch processing, create a full screen presentation complete with page transitions and to create and work with portfolios.

Course Content

PDF file conversion settings

  • Review of the Adobe PDF predefined settings
  • Create custom PDF job option settings
  • Exporting text and image settings
  • Exporting PDFs to Microsoft Word and Excel
  • Creating PDFs from compressed file formats including: tiff, eps, jpg, dwg, gif, png, etc.
  • Setting up and reviewing the Adobe Acrobat Preferences

Editing and Extracting PDF Content

  • Editing and adding text
  • Adding images or graphics to a PDF
  • Using the typewriter tool bar
  • Modifying graphics in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop
  • Adding backgrounds and watermarks to PDFs
  • Editing text from a scanned document using OCR Text Recognition
  • Exporting images and text from a PDF
  • Using the Compare Documents feature to indicate the differences between two versions of a PDF
  • Adding source files (ie: from Microsoft Excel or Word) to a PDF

Enhancing PDFs

  • Adding digital signatures to a document and setting up a signature appearance
  • Creating buttons to trigger events such as multimedia playback and document navigation
  • Reviewing the print production tools
  • Using the Acrobat Catalog to create indexes enabling enhanced searching across multiple PDFs
  • Creating a PDF presentation by setting full screen or page transitions
  • Using Batch processing to automate repetitive tasks in Acrobat
  • Adding video, sound and SWF files

Creating PDF Portfolios

  • Working with portfolios
  • Creating and customizing a portfolio