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Adobe FrameMaker

Course Information

Platform: Windows and Macintosh
Fee: Call DPA

We recommend limiting this course
to eight people.

Course Overview

FrameMaker is a desktop publishing package which combines the benefits of a page layout program with additional publishing features such as auto-numbering, running headers and footers, bookbuilding and tables.  Many of these features are particularly useful in long documents and manuals. During this introductory course, students will work through various documents to learn to use FrameMaker effectively.  Particular emphasis will be placed on character and paragraph tags for long document formatting.  Participants will work through periodic review exercises to ensure skill retention.  By the end of the course, students will have created their own documents with imported text and graphics and utilized character tags, paragraph tags and master pages.

Course Content

  • Orienting yourself with FrameMaker's menus and views
  • Entering and formatting text
  • Working with master pages to control page layout and numbering
  • Importing text and maintaining links to originating documents
  • Working with FrameMaker's drawing tools
  • Importing and manipulating graphics
  • Creating, applying and editing character tags
  • Using the Find and Replace command effectively
  • Working with paragraph formatting such as tabs and indents
  • Creating, applying and editing paragraph tags
  • Formatting documents with sideheads
  • Using Reference pages
  • Automatically numbering titles, subtitles and paragraphs