Design Techniques for Microsoft PowerPoint 2007/2010

Course Overview

This hands-on course is designed to teach intermediate and experienced PowerPoint users layout and design skills to produce captivating presentations. Course participants will acquire the skills and expertise required to add pizzazz to your presentations and make an impact on your viewers. You will learn to maximize the effect of the words on your audience through the proper use of graphics, typography, colour and layout. Participants will develop a short presentation during the course of the day illustrating the concepts from the course training and some course time is allocated for you to redesign and fine-tune your own presentations.


Course InformationRelated Training

Duration: One-Day Course
Platform: Windows Only
Fee: Call for information

We recommend one to eight people for this course.

Course Content Download PDF (57kb)

Application Overview: Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is a graphical presentation program that helps you create professional, attention-getting presentations. Your presentations can include animations, transitions between slides, charts, and multimedia elements, including pictures, movies, and sounds. If you insert items that do not fit the current layout, Microsoft PowerPoint may automatically adjust the layout. You can insert text created in other programs into the Outline tab and get automatic formatting into titles and body text. Documents in Microsoft Word (.doc) format, Rich Text Format (.rtf), and plain text (.txt) can be used this way. A document in HTML format can be inserted into your presentation, retaining its heading structure and appearing within a text box.

You can add music and sounds from files on your computer, a network, the Internet, or Microsoft Clip Organizer. You can also record your own sounds to add to a presentation, or use music from a CD.

Users: Admin, Creative, Engineering, Finance, Legal, Marketing and IT Professionals as well as anyone who needs create, edit, assemble, publish and distribute electronic presentations.