Creating HTML Email
with Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Dreamweaver

Course Overview

This course will enable you to create and setup HTML emails with remote images for sending through an automated email program or Microsoft Outlook. Learn the basics of slicing an image in Adobe Photoshop and exporting with the Save to Web function. Learn how to build the email in Adobe Dreamweaver and use inline CSS styles and tables to create the most compatible email for your clients to receive.

A basic working knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Dreamweaver (or HTML) is required.


Course InformationRelated Training

Duration: One-Day Course
Platform: Windows and Macintosh
Fee: Call for information

We recommend one to eight people for this course.

Course Content Download PDF (57kb)

Technology Overview: HTML Email

HTML email refers to emails created using HTML tags to structure the layout and content of the email in attempt to allow recipients using various email clients to see similar formatting. Images are sometimes used to represent some or all of the elements of the email, with the drawback of having to host the images remotely on a server to prevent sending images as attachments to each user. Bulk email programs can send personalized emails to an email list that you have created, similar to a mail merge function in some programs.

Adobe Photoshop can 'slice' a single image into multiple images, allowing you to optimize different areas of an image based on its content. These slices can be used to automatically name the slices which allows you to quickly output the set of images after adjustments are made.

With Adobe Dreamweaver, you can create and manage websites which allows you to create HTML email visually while also permitting direct editing of HTML code. The resulting code can be easily transferred into a bulk email program or Microsoft Outlook for sending to multiple recipients.

Users: Creative, Design, Web Development, IT and Admin Professionals who are as well as anyone who needs to create and send HTML Email emails to a variety of recipients.