Microsoft Word 2007/2010

Course Overview

Move beyond the basics and learn to use some of Microsoft Word's more powerful features. You will learn to automate Word using Autocorrect and will use Building Blocks to insert repetitive content. You will create, apply and edit styles using character and paragraph formats in order to format documents quickly and consistently. You will also learn to improve the appearance of documents using the many advanced character formatting features. Tables and Tables of Contents will also be created and formatted using different strategies. Many other useful Word features will be reviewed including sections, headers and footers, navigating with the Navigation Pane, linking with Excel, themes and mail merges.


Course InformationRelated Training

Duration: Two-Day Course
Platform: Windows Only
Fee: Call for information

We recommend one to eight people for this course.

Course Content Download PDF (57kb)

The Ribbon, Quick Access Toolbar and Themes

Eliminate Repetitive Typing

Advanced Formatting

Automate Formatting using Styles

Navigation Techniques

Table of Contents


Linking Microsoft Excel and Word


Mail Merge

Application Overview: Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word lets you create, apply, modify and copy styles to eliminate repetitive formatting and ensure you have consistent looking documents.

AutoCorrect will automatically correct your text as you type whereas with AutoText you may choose whether or not you wish to insert the entry into your document. You can modify the AutoCorrect and AutoText
features to insert text and pictures that you use regularly.

Microsoft Word gives you advanced controls over fonts, alignment and spacing, pagination options as well as tabs and the creation of tables for display of information and as a page layout tool.

Users: Admin, Creative, Engineering, Finance, Legal, Marketing and IT Professionals as well as anyone who needs create, edit, assemble, publish and distribute electronic documents.