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Microsoft Office 2000-2003

Application Overview:
Microsoft Visio

Microsoft Visio is a diagramming software program used to make drawings and illustrations fast and easy.
You can use it to create flowcharts, organisation charts, floor plan, maps, network diagrams, project management timelines and other diagrams

Microsoft Visio makes it easy for IT and business professionals to visualize, explore, and communicate complex information. Go from complicated text and tables that are hard to understand to Visio diagrams that communicate information at a glance. Instead of static pictures, create data-connected Visio diagrams that display data, are easy to refresh, and dramatically increase your productivity.

You can use the drawing page to create a drawing or to create shapes that you can then add to a custom stencil and use in other drawings. You can open any Visio or custom stencil, search for shapes, and use the drawing, format, or ink tools to create your drawing.

Microsoft Visio provides a number of ready to use templates and shapes which can set up the drawing environment to suit a particular kind of drawing. For example, the Office Layout template opens a drawing page that is set to an architectural scale in landscape orientation, and it opens with stencils such as Office Furniture and Office Equipment, which are designed for creating office layouts.

Users: Admin, Creative, Engineering, Finance, Legal, Marketing and IT Professionals as well as anyone who needs create, edit, assemble, publish and distribute electronic diagrams and flow charts.

Microsoft Office 2000-2003 Training Courses

Microsoft Visio

Course Information

Duration: Two-Day Course
Platform: Windows only
Fee: Call for information

We recommend limiting this course
to eight people.

Course Overview

Microsoft Visio allows you to create business and technical diagrams to document and organize complex ideas, processes, and systems. You will learn to create diagrams easily by dragging predefined "SmartShapes" symbols. This course focuses on creating business drawings including Organizational Charts, Flow Charts, Brainstorming and Calendar diagrams, using the Microsoft Visio Templates and Stencils.  You’ll also learn and how to develop your own templates and stencil shapes.

Course Content

  • The Microsoft Visio window and tool bars
  • Page setup dialog box and tabs
  • Using the Microsoft Visio template to create a new Organization (Org) Chart
  • Creating synchronized copies in Org chart drawings
  • Importing / exporting Org chart data with Microsoft Excel
  • Creating sub pages of Org charts for large organizations
  • Creating Custom Property Sets (custom fields for Visio shapes)
  • Adding layers, assigning a shape to a layer, printing and deleting a layer
  • Creating Flowcharts drawings, basic flowcharts and cross-functional flowcharts
  • Dynamic versus Static Glue
  • Numbering Flowchart shapes automatically and manually
  • Creating Brainstorming diagrams using the drawing page and the Outline window
  • Creating sub-pages for Brainstorming diagrams
  • Creating Microsoft activity calendars
  • Properties, behaviour, protection of a shape
  • Using stencil shapes not included in a drawing template
  • Creating your own master shapes, stencils and templates
  • Arranging, moving, aligning and sizing shapes
  • Printing drawings