Microsoft Power BI
(Business Intelligence)

Course Overview

Power BI Desktop lets you create a collection of queries, data connections, and reports that can easily be shared with others. Power BI Desktop integrates proven Microsoft technologies – the powerful Query engine and data modeling, to create stunning reports with interactive data visualizations. Students will discover how to extract and transform data, expand results by connecting different data sources, and add calculations using DAX functions and queries. This hands-on course is designed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the capabilities of Power BI Desktop.


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Duration: Two-Day Course
Platform: Windows Only
Fee: Call for information

We recommend one to eight people for this course.

Course Content Download PDF (57kb)

Using Query Editor

Understanding Data Modelling


Best Practice Tips

Application Overview: Microsoft Power BI (Business Intelligence)

Power BI Desktop is a free application you can install on your local computer that lets you connect to, transform, and visualize your data. With Power BI Desktop, you can connect to multiple different sources of data, and combine them (often called modeling) into a data model that lets you build visuals, and collections of visuals you can share as reports, with other people inside your organization. Most users who work on Business Intelligence projects use Power BI Desktop to create reports, and then use the Power BI service to share their reports with others.

Users: IT, Database, Engineering, Finance, Legal, Marketing and Admin Professionals as well as anyone who needs create and edit data reports and visualizations that can be searched, sorted, analysed, updated and shared with other users.