Microsoft Outlook 2016/19

Course Overview

Microsoft Outlook 2016/19 is a powerful communication and organizational tool. In this course, you will discover the extensive tools you can use to control the deluge of e-mails in your inbox, find contacts easily, manage your time and organize your tasks using Outlook to achieve your personal and business objectives.


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Duration: One-Day Course
Platform: Windows Only
Fee: Call for information

We recommend one to eight people for this course.

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Customize Your Outlook

Application Overview: Microsoft Outlook 2016/19

Microsoft Outlook is a powerful communication and organizational tool. It also provides a calendar, task and contact management, note taking, a journal and web browsing. Microsoft Outlook enables users to organize and prioritize e-mail messages quickly and easily, and new security settings offer increased support for junk e-mail filtering. Support for remote and mobile workers includes improvements to connectivity performance, such as better caching, and shared calendars. Obtaining information from a variety of locations is made easier with organizational tools, such as the Research Task Pane. Microsoft Outlook features Archiving which removes items from your current Personal Folders list, such as E-Mail messages, calendar and task items and automatically stores them in folders that have the same hierarchy and names as the folders in the Personal Folders. Microsoft Outlook lets you add Contacts to mail merge documents, assign tasks, send a meeting request, setup appointments, send a meeting request and create an all day event.

Users: Admin, Creative, Engineering, Finance, Legal, Marketing and IT Professionals as well as anyone who needs create, edit, distribute electronic messages, calendar events, contacts and tasks.