DPA Database Consulting Services

DPA offers a number of consulting services to assist you in creating, managing and expanding your databases.

Do you need to develop a database?

  • Do you have a database that no longer does what it was intended to do?
  • Do you have Excel spreadsheets that are unwieldy to use?
  • Do you want to add new features to your existing database?

We have developers who have the experience to:

  • Update your current database for your new requirements. They can determine if the features you desire can be added to your current database or if the database needs to be re-designed.
  • Design the database to your specifications. We guarantee satisfaction.
  • Convert Excel files into an Access database that offers additional functionality while saving time.
  • Provide Microsoft Access / FileMaker Pro formats

For more information and pricing, please speak to Jane or Michelle at
416 205-9604
or email info@dpac.com.

Software Training

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